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Although born and raised in the U.K., Carl has spent most of his adult life traveling the world trying to find a golf course that likes him. When he finds it, he will buy a house overlooking the seventh green and retire. Along the way, Carl has been fortunate to find dozens that he loves, but sadly none that let him play scratch golf on them, so he's still waiting. To finance this wonderful odyssey, he has worked in a variety of senior management positions across three continents. Most recently, Dubai is where he is laying his golfing hat and makes his home. Believe it or not, Dubai boasts some of the best courses in the world.

As with most beautiful things in life, the best happen by accident, and so it was that he stumbled across The Motley Fool. After only a cursory reading of the Fool's ethos, he found his investing home. And in Motley Fool Rule Breakers, he found his preferred investing style. Carl's interest in nanotechnology also first came by accident and via The Motley Fool what now feels like decades ago, but was in reality in 1999. In researching industries of the future, he had his personal eureka moment when he first read of its potential. After reading thousands of pages of scientific papers, books, company reports, and other miscellaneous writings, his faith is undiminished, and he has little doubt we will all see nano's increasing commercialization in the next decade and beyond.

Carl's also been blessed with three children: two boys and a Porsche 911, the finest sports car ever made. (Drive one and you will know what he means). He has three hates in life: despots, ignorance, and missing three-foot putts for par. He has four loves, three of them mentioned above; the fourth, well, she is his inspiration. Says Carl, "I now write for The Motley Fool looking for Rule Breakers that come courtesy of nanotechnology, so I know what the words serendipity and synchronicity means. I am living a life of both."

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