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Hailing from small-town Mississippi, Lou's influences include William Faulkner, Johnny Cash, Peter Lynch, Snoop Dogg, and Hunter S. Thompson. She loves MTV, SUVs, FCF, and the SEC (the conference, not the commission). She can't rule out developing crushes on other adorable acronyms, either.

Lou's been writing for the Fool in one form or another since early 2000, and has been a Community member since 1997. Pre-Fool, she worked at a Washington, D.C.-based libertarian think tank, but the constant gnashing of teeth got on her nerves. She's way more chill now that the Fool's her home.

She digs retail companies, and not just because it gives her an excuse to go to the mall for "research." (Yeah, right.) She also likes following consumer-brand businesses and actually finds reading 10-Ks fun. No, really.

In addition to writing for Fool.com, Lou corrals David and Tom Gardner in her role as assistant editor for The Motley Fool Stock Advisor. Keeping those two on track isn't child's play, she'll have you know.

Please don't come between her and a hunk of chocolate or steaming cup of joe. If you brave that, expect to lose an appendage, or at least a digit. Seriously, the girl don't play.

Feel free to email Lou, or check out her profile, if you've got a hankering to.

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