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Seth Jayson is co-advisor, along with Bill Mann, on the Motley Fool's small- cap newsletter, Hidden Gems. He came to The Motley Fool the old-fashioned way: as a longtime Fool community member. Since joining The Motley Fool full time in fall of 2004, he has compiled a record of market-beating stock recommendations in products like the Stocks 200X series, Global Gains, Million Dollar Portfolio, and various premium reports. In 2007, he was recognized with the Motley Fool's "Top Investor" award. In addition to Fool.com, his varied work has appeared in the New York Times, National Geographic Traveler, and Fortune. He is a regular contributor to Fool Video (and the Podcast that preceded it) and his sought-after commentary often appears in other national media, including radio, newspapers, and business television such as Fox Business News and the various xNBCs.

Seth prefers simple stories to complexity, and believes that the individual investor's primary advantage over Wall Street isn't information, it's temperament. He's very interested in the psychology of investing, and understanding how to avoid the mistakes that we're genetically wired to make.

When it comes down to it, Seth insists on paying the right price. ‘[You must have] the ability to recognize cheap. And if you find cheap, take it. But be aware that all cheap is not equal. Separating good cheap from bad cheap is vital to your success.’ Seth is value-oriented, but that doesn't mean he won?t pay up for growth. He just demands that the price be right for the growth expected.

He has lived and worked in various European countries, including Spain, Italy, and The Netherlands. When he's not digging up profitable investment ideas, he's usually running or cycling with his wife, making photographs, or serving as a tennis-ball launcher and kibble distributor for his golden retriever.

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