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Tim Beyers is a regular Fool contributor. He's also a certified geek -- seriously, 9 of 10 hipsters surveyed agree -- who has covered everything from database technology to renewable energy to rubber-burning rocket ships. No, really, he likes that stuff. Yeah, we know, we think it's weird, too.

When he's not penning stories about stock splits, dividend reinvesting, and the joys of Rule Breaking, Tim is a freelance writer and PR and marketing consultant. Some of his former colleagues still can't believe he "went journo" on them by joining the Fool's freelance ranks in December 2003.

Tim reads when he can, watches The Apprentice for laughs, and invests in companies that generate piles and gobs and mountains of moolah! Yes, cash! Millions and millions of dollars in cash! Bwahahaha! Oops, sorry.

Tim's favorite investing book is still One Up On Wall Street. But Hewitt Heiserman Jr.'s It's Earnings That Count earns a close second. That one he read on a trip to Monte Carlo last year with his wife. When not traveling the globe, the couple lives in suburban Denver with their three children.

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