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stat rosa pristina nomine, nomina nuda tenemus 15-Second Bio: Ethan Haskel (TMF Cormend) took the LSP (long, slow path) to Fooldom. Having grown up on Long Island, he graduated from Brown University, then received a medical degree (with all the fixin's) at Washington University in St. Louis. Currently a practicing cardiologist, he's also the director of the coronary care unit for a suburban Baltimore teaching hospital. A scientist with the heart of a philosopher, Cormend strives for practical, uncomplicated investment strategies, epitomized by the Beating the S&P strategy he developed. Initially recruited in 1996 as a Fribbler, more recently he's been a regular contributor to the Workshop and Foolish Four departments. When not doctoring or Fooling around, Ethan enjoys traveling the world, photography, the outdoors, reading, staying out of trouble with his wife and two kids, and long sentences.

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