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What is The Daily Trouble?

The Daily Trouble provides a narrative description and valuation of a company whose stock has been obliterated of late, more than halved over the last year. Each day, the Fool will review the business, talk about the cause of its disintegration, turn a couple witty phrases, and broadly consider valuation.


For two reasons. We hope that by concentrating attention on dismal recent performance, we'll come to a more thoroughgoing understanding of why stocks get hammered. But just finding broken stocks and detailing past events isn't enough. Additional to those tasks, we'll venture out in search of an existing fair value for the business.

The Daily Trouble will be a treasure trove for value investors, who like Graham concentrate on those companies that the markets left behind. By working to classify recent Troubles as either bankruptcy-bound, prepped for a turnaround, or fairly-priced, we'll become familiar with the variables of market psychology and underlying value. The feature comes to you daily, each evening. Enjoy it and....

Fool on!

Mark Weaver (MWEAV@aol.com), Louis Corrigan (RgeSeymour@aol.com), and Rick Munarriz (TMF Edible@aol.com) have been aggressively studying business and investing for years. They're the same guys who've brought you The Daily Double, and they'll bring keen insight into valuations here. Weaver has run the AOL Healthcare Industry Area for two years; Corrigan has been a heavyweight reporter for Rogue, and Munarriz has worked as our Food & Restaurant industry analyst since 1995. And they say the Yankees had murderer's row!

If you have questions about the product, please email either of them directly at the screennames above. Happy hunting, Fools.


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