Dueling Fools

Dueling Fools
January 27, 1999

@Home Alone
@Home price (1/26/99): $109 7/8

We all want faster Internet connections. As we head towards speedier broadband solutions, @Home (Nasdaq: ATHM) wants to be the one to get you connected. But does the stock Excite (Nasdaq: XCIT) you?

This week Jeff Fischer (TMF Jeff) and Chris Rugaber (TMF RFK) are Dueling Fools. Jeff thinks there's no place like @Home. Chris would rather you left @Home without it. Only one will hit the @Home-run, and you get to do the pitching.

And don't miss this week's Duel Flashback, where we fall back into the Gap (NYSE: GPS) Duel.

You Get to Vote!

Once you've read the arguments and the rebuttals, it's your time to cast your vote. We'll tabulate results each week and revisit them from time to time to see whether you were right! As always, we invite you to join us in the Dueling Fools Message board to continue the duel.

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The Bull...
Computer technology and our needs have made a giant leap. In the past, people were continually seeking the newest processor and the latest computer hardware in order to speed applications. Now computers run faster than allowed by the lines that connect them. Thus, the new focus with computer technology is connectivity. This is where the most progress will be made in the next five years.
The Bear...
This sure is an easy Dueling Fools to write! @Home's industry is fairly stable and boring, without anything unexpected or unpredictable on the horizon. The company's purchase of Web portal Excite doesn't really make much difference to its future. On the whole -- yawn -- I think I should be able to whip something up on this pretty easily.

Results for last week's Berkshire Hathaway Duel

Answer Percentage
I can't make up my mind


TMF Ralegh's Bull argument


TMF Max's Bear argument


They were both excellent


They were both lame