Dueling Fools

Dueling Fools
August 25, 1999

Hershey My Way
HSY Price (8/24/99): $55 5/16

It's been two summers since I made it out to Hershey (NYSE: HSY) on a chocoholic expedition. Hershey Park was roaring with thrills. Adjacent to the park, Hershey's Chocolate World greeted guests with a free automated tour on the history of chocolate. No factory tours. Nope. Those were discontinued long ago in Pennsylvania (try California).

The ride started, the jingle started....

"Hershey's Chocolate, Hershey's Chocolate, Hershey's Chocolate Wooooorld!"

It's been two years and I still can't get that pesky melody out of my head. Why did the Reese's have to sing? Why, why, why?

This week, two new tunes are being played. Paul Larson (TMF Parlay) thinks Hershey is sweet while Bill Barker (TMF Max) thinks the food conglomerate is dark and bittersweet. It's Duel time. Leave your Kisses at home.

When you've unwrapped the Duel, and voted for your favorite, don't forget to check our Duel Flashback to see if it was a rising Sun Microsystems (Nasdaq: SUNW) after all.

You Get to Vote!

Once you've read the arguments and the rebuttals, it's your time to cast your vote. We'll tabulate results each week and revisit them from time to time to see whether you were right! As always, we invite you to join us in the Dueling Fools Message board to continue the duel.

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The Bull...
Kit Kats. Skor Bars. Good & Plenty. York Peppermint Patties. Heath Bars. PayDay. Jujyfruits. Peppermint Patties. Twizzlers. Reese's peanut butter cups. Jolly Rancher. Almond Joy. Milk Duds. Hershey Kisses. If you're a red-blooded American, you recognize most, if not all, of the preceding brand names.
The Bear...
Hershey, to put it kindly, has never been known as a particularly efficient manufacturer. It's no surprise that margins haven't improved at all over the decade, though candy-making technology has improved quite a bit.

Results for last week's CompUSA Duel

Answer Percentage
I can't make up my mind


TMF Seymor's Bull argument


TMF Parlay's Bear argument


They were both excellent


They were both lame