The Family Fool
December 24, 1997

The Principal's Podium

We've spent the last couple of weeks at the Family Fool salivating over the objets du saison. Now the kids are sated, sitting atop a pile of crinkled paper and bows. Your belly's full of 'nog and you've dialed up the Fool with 56K of log-on power on your brand-spankin' new Dell laptop.

Okay, Fools, let's give some of this stuff away!

Does it seem odd that we -- an organization devoted to teaching you how to leave your kids an obscenely large inheritance -- are encouraging you to give some of it away? It shouldn't. The Fool has never been known for a conventional approach to handling one's finances.

This week in the corner of our site devoted to families, Trudy Bowen (TMF Hoyden) kicks off our charity collection with a bit of rhyme and verse -- the cadence should sound familiar. If you have little ones, don't miss Play Dough, where we offer five ways to encourage your kids to give to charity. How do you handle the barrage of solicitations this time of year? Read these 10 tips on finding a worthy charity and making sure every penny counts. We also tick off the guidelines on checking out a charity, courtesy of the National Charities Information Board.

This morning I made a donation that will help create and run Foolish community kitchens via the Fool's Share Our Strength Charity Fund. It may sound hokey, but it was by far the most gratifying gift I gave this holiday season.

Happy holidays,
TMF School