The Family Fool
December 31, 1997

The Principal's Podium

Every year I make the usual New Year's resolutions -- cut fried foods from my diet, be kinder to store clerks, read more, complain less, yada, yada, yada. Then January 2 rolls around. By then I'm usually choking down some deep-fried concoction while sitting in front of the tube complaining that I never have any time to read.

This year will be different. Really, it will. I have enlisted a few Fools to help me make some realistic resolutions and plan to ring in 1999 with my finances in tip-top shape. (Plus, they promise to make sure I incorporate more leafy greens into my diet.)

Trudy Bowen (TMF Hoyden) offers ideas on how to put resolutions in a more productive light in How to Have a Foolish New Year. She also composed a list of 10 tips that inspired me enough to print them out and post them on my fridge. David Wolpe (TMF Dbunk) went out into the field to find out what New Year's resolutions young Fools were making for Play Dough. He also composed a Fool Quiz about yearnings and earnings. Take a stab at it.

Also this week our Data Shaman, Tom Christiansen (TMF Sargon), took a few moments away from doing that technical stuff he does to share an open letter to his son in this week's Family Fribble.

Have a fantastic Eve, Fools. And please, eat some veggies.

Dayana Yochim
TMF School