The Family Fool
December 10, 1997

The Principal's Podium

The lights are multiplying in Old Town. Yesterday morning we had our first snow flurry, and fellow Fools are stocking up on goods from FoolMart. 'Tis definitely the season. In the past few weeks in the Family Fool we've gotten into the spirit by looking at year-end planning, holiday survival and, a favorite among HQ staffers, grub.

But we all know what this season is really about -- getting good stuff. This week, dive unabashedly into consumerism with the first installment of our Foolish Holiday Gift Guide.

Take the Foolish Quiz to test your knowlege about Slinky slogans and Barbie and Ken's namesakes. Foolish Toys looks at games and playthings that have something to do with business and investing. (They're fun, really!) We've also got book recommendations galore, for big Fools and lil' Fools. And of course there's the requisite plug for stuff we sell in FoolMart.

In the coming weeks we'll be looking at gadgets, giving to charity and, of course, New Year's resolutions. Then we'll cap off the year with a Foolish look at getting out of debt. 'Tis unfortunately the season for that, too.

Pay cash, Fools!

Dayana Yochim
TMF School