The Family Fool
The Principal's Podium

We've created a vibrant archive of articles and online tools for Foolish families on how to make, save, invest, spend, and teach about money. We've talked about having babies, getting pets, setting up home offices, and giving to charities, plus the effects all of these things have on your finances and, more importantly, your life. We also launched a full-blown area for teens called Young Fools and have watched a community rally around all of these topics.

We're going to dissect some more financially complex issues such as paying for college, estate planning, and investing for a Foolish retirement. Because of the amount of time we are devoting to research and writing these areas, we won't be publishing new material in this space every week. The Family Fool will still be here in all its glory, but the frequency of updates will be pared back.

There's still a reason for you to click back here every week -- every day, for that matter! If you haven't already, please take a moment to check in with the budding community of Fools that has formed on our Family Fool message board. For even more specific discussions, please visit the boards devoted to our new personal finance place -- Fools & Their Money. I hope you'll continue to refer back to our archives when the need arises, and to use the power of the people on our boards, the single best resource on this site.

As always, please continue to send me suggestions on topics you'd like to see covered here in the family area of Fools & Their Money.

Fool on, families!
Dayana Yochim (TMF School)