What's a Fribble?

We know the telling of your family story could win a National Book Award and that every utterance out of your toddler's mouth could keep an audience of thousands enraptured. Please give us a chance to launch your celebrated literary career by penning just a sliver of your family's story in 50 lines or less in a Family Fribble.

What's a Fribble? Webster's names it "a frivolity, a trifle." Ah yes, but here in Fooldom we think frivolous trifling is the highest of callings. So we've given this noble art a home -- right here -- and a purpose: to inspire, inform and amuse each other. We also have the best stable of Foolish pundits on the planet, including *you.* Yep, now's your chance to be the next Royko or Buchwald. We only ask that you write your Family Fribble -- as Hemingway would say -- well and true. Keep in mind that a good Fribble is:

SHORT. That means 3-5 paragraphs, with no more than 12 lines in each.

OPINIONATED. Tell us what you REALLY think (as if any Fool needs encouragement!). But be convincing. Tell us why. . . not just what.

CLEVER, LOGICAL, IMAGINATIVE. Tall order? Ok, try for at least two of three. In prose, those three are the roots of Folly.

AMUSING. At least one thought in your Fribble should bring a grin to the mouths of your readers. Laughter, after all, is the noble quest of Fools.

JOYOUS. Heavy-handed screeds are a no-no. Leave all whining and pomposity to the Wise.

If you have a few amusing anecdotes about Foolish family finances or important investing lessons you've taught your kids or your parents passed on to you, then write your Family Fribble and e-mail it to our Fool's School Principal, Dayana Yochim (TMF School), at TMFSchool@aol.com. We may edit your Fribble for length, but never for content. Any major re-writes will be reviewed with you first. And that's it! It's too easy for words! Expect a new Fribble every week until we sleep the eternal sleep. Be Foolish.