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Stocks For Mom
by TMF DotCom

America Online
22000 AOL Way
Dulles, VA 20166
(703) 448-8700

Hi Mom!!

I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you I've been thinking about you. Things are all right by me, how 'bout you? You know, it's great to get a letter once in a while, but the mail is so slow. It's silly to wait for days to hear the latest news when I could just pick up a phone and call you, but long distance can be expensive, and mail is so much more memorable than a phone call.

That's why I wanted to tell about something you have never tried, but a lot of other people just like you have, and they swear by it. It's called e-mail, Mom, and it's great because it's like reading a letter, but it comes immediately, you never need to buy a stamp, and you don't have walk to the mail box.

So where do you get it?

I want to tell you about a company that offers you e-mail, and a lot more. I really believe this company is going places and I want you to think seriously about buying a few shares. Mom, it's AMERICA ONLINE (NYSE: AOL). We call it AOL. That's what the New York Stock Exchange calls it, too... AOL.

HERE'S WHAT WE'RE HOPING FOR: This company just returned their first profitable quarter in two quarters. That surprised the analysts. AOL is the number one Internet Service Provider in the world with over 8 million users, and they are growing. But it is not only an ISP, it is also the largest provider of content outside of the World Wide Web, and you get all that content for the same price as most people pay for a regular Internet account. There's travel, self-help, investing, entertainment... it's great, and easy to find.

AOL just brought some new people on board, Mom, who really know how to turn companies around. You remember that cute little Brandon Tartikoff? That's right, from NBC. He's there now. And Bob Pittman, from MTV and Century 21? He's there, too. These are idea people, Mom. I think they have the right stuff to make AOL an experience for everyone to enjoy. You see, the Internet can be pretty confusing and intimidating for "non-technical" people. But you don't have to be a propeller-head to use AOL. They have the easiest e-mail interface anywhere, and a great user-interface where everything is just a mouse click away. You can forget about words like "browser plug-ins" and "FTP" or "Telnet."

HERE'S WHAT TO LOOK OUT FOR: Sure, AOL has had its share of problems. It's often criticized for being hard to access. They need to put a lot of money into upgrading their internal structure, and that takes time. They are also beginning a new approach to content and services with an emphasis on advertising and marketing, and there is uncertainty anytime a company changes direction. But all in all, things seem to be looking up there.

So, I just thought I would let you know, Mom.

Have a great Mother's Day!

--Paul M. (Formerly MF Networx, now TMF DotCom)

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