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Lots of folk confuse destiny with bad management. -- Kin Hubbard

Philip Morris -
Right or Wrong?

May 21, 1997

On May 19th, 1997, David Gardner's Fool Recap about Philip Morris and ethical investing drew a large response. This collection begins with an introduction from Tom Gardner, and then offers the opinions of many Fools that sent us email, alongside with opinions from some people at Fool HQ. It also includes a recent Rogue article on the topic of ethics and investing, regarding Nike.

Do you walk away with your money, or stay and fight something that you don't believe in? Philip Morris is a current Foolish Four stock.

An Introduction By Tom Gardner

May 19th Fool Recap On MO

Con Philip Morris From an Associate Professor of Medicine

Con Philip Morris From an EPA Employee

Con Philip Morris From a Ph.D.

Con Philip Morris From an INVESTOR In Stocks

Con Philip Morris From Howard J. Grooters - Uncensored!

Pro Philip Morris From A Fool News Writer

Pro Philip Morris From Another Fool News Writer

Rogue: Vote With Your Feet?


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