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Stocks To Short?
VREX's Short

Vincent Rex Ramirez, aka VREX, is another fine contributor to our shorting stocks folder. Vince is a part-time trader and full-time geologist doing international exploration. Mr. Ramirez hosts a stock club called SEC Search and every day, all 24 members of the club do their homework by scanning all documents filed with the SEC. How Foolish! Thanks Vince :)

CD Radio (Nasdaq: CDRD)
1001 22nd St. NW, 6th Fl.
Phone: 202-296-6192
Price - $16 5/8

CD Radio (CDRD) is a current darling high-flyer with a lot of potential trouble ahead. They are involved with the development of a subscription based satellite radio system -- CD quality radio, without advertisements.

From their recent SEC S-3 filing:

<<The Company is a pioneer in the emerging satellite-to-car broadcasting industry ("satellite radio"). ...development of a subscription based satellite radio system for the nationwide broadcast of 30 channels of commercial-free, compact disc quality music programming and up to 20 channels of all-news, all-sports, and all-talk programming. >>

In my opinion CDRD makes a great short for two reasons. Their fundamental economic model is bad, and the dilution to share holders is huge, considering that they just sold in a private placement $135 million of 5% Delayed Convertible Preferred Stock (convertible to common stock at conversion prices based on discounts to future market prices - making about 9 million more shares). Additionally, the company will need $500 million more in capital in order to construct and launch the satellites necessary for this business. Keep in mind that there are currently 10 million shares, of which 4 million are in the float. The additional 9 million converted shares from the list of 37 selling shareholders (many in offshore companies) will be a slaughter to the share price. The additional $500 million will be another problem, and worse, at some future time.

Other weak points: no manufacturer for the actual radio receiver, and customers will have to buy these new radios on a monthly subscription business (estimated at $10 per month). After all of this, you get -- another radio station!

At an estimated $10 per month per subscriber, it is going to take a while to make a profit on the $635 million investment, if ever. Investors will wake up sooner or later to the fact that the recent run from $6 to $17 was a little premature, if justified at all.

Risks (what would make me change my mind): the number one concern here is a short squeeze. Short interest reported for May is up 33% to 922,000 shares. Average daily trading volume is 130,000 shares, so the stock is currently at about 7 days trading for all shorts to cover. While this is not an extreme amount, this is about 24% of the outstanding float. While this will reduce to 7% of the float during the conversion, a short squeeze in the meantime could cause trouble, no matter what the cause. An increase in the outstanding short interest to 2 million shares should be reason for concern during this trade due to the squeeze risk.

The SEC S-3 form filed in early May is key to this short position working out. Within several weeks, perhaps 5 or 6, the final S-3/A should be filed and at this point the conversion of the preferred shares into common shares will begin. This selling pressure should have a strong impact on the stock price, as the float will be tripled, from 4 million to 13 million shares. This will not occur at once, but rather gradually, due to the schedule of discounts for the conversion (See the SEC document here). A cancellation of the discounted share conversion due to capital being raised by some other means could be detrimental to a short position. This is difficult to imagine, but it is a risk, nevertheless.

My target price to cover is $8. Due to the stocks recent run up from $6 to $17, the anticipated decline may reverse with equal frenzy, right back to $6. However, due to the large short interest, covering at $8 will be quite reasonable and perhaps save some headache at a time when the price will be volatile.

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