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Stocks For Dad
June 10, 1997

What's the best thing you've ever given your Dad for Father's Day? A tie? A metric socket set? Brut by Faberge? This year, why not get him some stock? We asked a bunch of Fools what they would give to their Dads this year if they weren't giving the Fool tie. Here's what they had to say....

See how they are celebrating Father's Day over at Parent's Soup!

British Petrol (MF Wildcat)
Capital One (TMF Ralegh)
Chrysler (TMF Selena)
Cisco Systems (TMF DotCom)
Philip Morris (TMF 2Aruba)
Playboy (TMF Style)
Quality Dining (TMF Edible)
Silicon Gaming (TMF Parlay)
WD-40 Company (TMF Cheeze)
WorldCom (TMF Jeanie)