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Oracle, Interpreted

On Tuesday, June 17th, Oracle Corporation (Nasdaq: ORCL) announced 4th quarter earnings. The consensus estimate for this software company was $0.54 a share and that's exactly what was reported. Oracle is also a holding in the Boring Portfolio.

In celebration of this report the Fool has compiled some "must see" articles in the listbox to the right. Our first article is an earnings summary by our own Jeff Fischer. Next, Tom Gardner gives his long-term outlook for Oracle. Last, but definitely not least, Jim Surowiecki takes an in-depth look at Larry Ellison, Oracle's intriguing CEO. We then invite you to pop into our Oracle Message Board and tell us what you think. A recap of the 3rd quarter earnings summary is included along with some interesting data sources you may want to check out to get the full Oracle experience. Alright troops! Start clicking!

Oracle Q4 Earnings Summary

Oracle for the Long Haul

Larry Ellison, Samurai?

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Oracle Q3 Conference Call

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