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Nike 101

All right class, take your seats. Today we're going to discuss a company that you probably all have heard of. I'm sure you've seen the commercials. You all like Mike, think you're Tiger Woods, and you want to just do it. Heck! Chances are there's probably at least one pair of their athletic shoes in your closet (under the coffee table, in the bathroom, etc). Any guesses?

Of course everyone knows the answer. It's Nike. Nike has grown from Phil Knight's initial $37 investment in sample athletic shoes to the largest athletic shoe seller in the U.S. Our lesson begins in Chapter 1, where Tom Gardner discusses his outlook for Nike. In Chapter 2, Dale Wettlaufer explains why he thinks Nike is a great company to invest in. Then, Risa Kaplan discusses the roller-coaster ride that Nike investors have taken. Chapters 4 and 5 touch on the ethics of Nike business practices. Jim Surowiecki talks about labor overseas. Next, L