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Apple CEO Resigns
By Dale Wettlaufer (TMF Ralegh)
July 09, 1997
Gil Amelio's year-plus stint as Chief at Apple Computer ended today with his resignation. Fred Anderson, head Apple beancounter, will take over in the interim while the company's board looks for a replacement. Longtime Apple watchers had been expecting Amelio to leave the company he had tried to turn around with rationalization and downsizing. Eventually, though, Amelio's healing by shrinking formula turned out to be as effective as the tenure of Michael Spindler, a CEO whose leadership was neither inspiring nor memorable. 04/27/97: Q2 Conference Call

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Stepping out into the fore will really be Steve Jobs, though his equity interest in the company is said to be about one share. Nevertheless, Jobs has a vision, and he probably doesn't need a financial incentive at this point in his life. Many believe that the company's operating system is viable while others have proposed exotic strategies, such as combining the BeOS kernel with various Mac OS elements along with features of IBM's OS/2. Others believe that Apple has to smooth over relations with developers, charge instead of retreat, and concentrate more on imagination than on the profit and loss right now. While nobody wants to see losses continue at the company, many Apple followers are tired of being in retreat mode, thinking about break-even levels rather than killer apps and growing unit sales.

Of course, the Apple message folder will be bursting with excellent analysis over the next few days as always, as investors and observers of the company will be offering their commentaries on the situation. We invite you to click in and check it out -- and share your opinions, too.