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Fixing Apple
How would you turn Apple around?

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July 10, 1997
Everyone has an opinion on Apple. Love it or hate it, the company has long been the topic of passionate exchanges between computer users, investors, and just about anyone who follows American business.

You're as likely to get an opinion on Apple from a cabbie as you are from a Wall Street analyst. In this respect, perhaps no company so closely resembles a faltering sports franchise. Like local fans, people want Apple to succeed. Over the years, the company has given us many things to root for. The logo is bright and cheerful. The philosophy is to make complicated things simple. Heck, the company was founded by a coupla kids who took on an entrenched Goliath.

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But so many seasons of questionable management, odd strategic decisions, and controversial personnel moves have produced an ongoing front office soap opera drama. Yesterday, it led to the resignation of the company's latest CEO, Gil Amelio, who entered office eighteen months ago announcing that he would turn the company around in little more than a year. Today, the stock is in the tank, market share is dwindling, and the company's marketing is muddled. It's led many of us to kick back and think, "If I were running that company, I would..."

Well, what would you do? We want to know. How would you re-make the company and lift a peculiarly American institution back up to its former glory?

Apple Board

We encourage your posts. We plan to collect the best of the bunch and send them along to the company itself. And to the person who writes most compellingly, we will send a full array of fashionable Foolwear and a crate of Eden's fruit -- the apple.

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