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"How Would You Save Apple" Contest
July 14, 1997

Cupertino, CA Personals: Large Cupertino-based technology firm with loads of cash seeks enterprising Fool to walk hand-in-hand with them to the future. If you are intelligent, have marketing savvy, and enjoy long quiet walks on the beach, please send a picture and your ideas for salvaging our company. Only Foolish applicants need apply.

Last week, after the resignation of Apple CEO Gil Amelio, the Fool asked our readers to tell us how they would save Apple. The interactive explosion that ensued had readers contributing over 1000 posts on the subject. Just an amazing and passionate response from some very engaging and humorous folks! We read all of the posts and narrowed it down to the top 30 submissions. Our criteria for choosing was as follows:

a. creative thought
b. logic
c. humor & irreverence
d. thoroughness
e. grammar & spelling

In the listbox to the right are the 10 best posts we read. The top 3 posts are the winners and will all receive a crate of apples and some Fool paraphernalia. All of the submissions were great, and we had a tremendous time reading them. We will be sending the best 30 directly to Apple and Steve Jobs with the hope that they may answer you, their shareholders.

Should A Fool Be Apple's CEO?

The Winner:


Third Place:

Don't Need Steve Jobs

Apple = Snapple?

Don't Try Harder