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Anniversary Collection -- The Winners
August 19, 1997

Winner - PsychPlayer (web)

Winner - Reapost (AOL)

Finalist - LRHGuy (web)

Finalist - Houdanny (AOL)

Finalist - 669523 (web)

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During the week of August 4, the Motley Fool celebrated our 3rd anniversary on AOL, and our good buddies over at Pacific Brokerage sponsored a contest for us. The question was, "What would you like to see the Fool do in the next three years?" The grand prize -- a trip to Fool HQ and a selection of FoolWear. We received over 350 posts on our message boards and some great ideas.

You know that phrase, "It's a small world"? It definitely came to mind when we found out who our AOL winner was. His name is Rob Aronson (a.k.a. Reapost). Here's his reaction to winning: "I WON! I WON! I WON! Yeah Baby!!!!" Believe it or not, Rob lives right here in Old Town, Alexandria. Actually, if we look out the office window, we can see his house right across the street. We're looking forward to dinner over at Rob's house some time soon. (OK with you, Rob?)

Our web winner is Walt Robertson (a.k.a. PsychPlayer). Lucky for Walt, he doesn't live right across the street. So we probably won't be stopping by any time soon. He will be flying in from Dallas, Texas. Walt said this about winning: "This ranks right up there when my high school automotive technology instructor Mr. Snardley told me I was his best student. "Son, the world is your oyster. You can get a job in either 'auto' or 'big rig diesel.'"

Rob and Walt will be visiting the Fool in October and we promise to show them a great time. Each of them will also get a fabulously hip selection of FoolWear. Thanks to everyone who entered our contest. And thanks to every Fool for helping us through our first three years.

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