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Will you win with Wade?
October 06, 1997

This Feature

Fool's View on Wade Cook
Book Review: Wall St. Money Machine
Book Review: Bear Market Baloney
Slate on Wade Cook
Wade Responds
Profit Financial Corp.
Fool Writings on Wade Cook
Wade Cook Message Board
Wade Cook's Web Site

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Nothing disturbs a Fool more than hearing that someone is about to make a bad financial decision. That's why we sometimes feel it's necessary to put on the referee's uniform and throw the yellow penalty flag when we see a so-called investment opportunity that just doesn't seem quite right.

Who's getting penalized today? A former cabbie turned financial gooroo named Wade Cook. The first Foolish referee to throw the flag is David Gardner. David explains why the Fool is blowing the whistle on Wade. Next, David Forrest and Randy Befumo review two of Wade's best-selling books. Jim Surowiecki penned a recent Slate column on Wade Cook and the Director of Investor Relations over at Profit Financial thought it deserved a response.

David Forrest also profiles Wade's company Profit Financial. If you'd like to learn even more about Wade, read some older Fool articles and check out Wade's website. And after you've read all of that, post a message on our Wade Cook message board and let us know what you think.


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