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Profit Responds

The following is a note that Jim Surowiecki (TMF Cinder) received from Lisa Michaels, Director of Investor Relations at Profit Financial:

The Motley Fool

Mr. James Surowiecki:

Each business day, we learn more and more about skepticism and pessimism. We know there are more conservative strategies than those used by Wade Cook. However, we do not agree with your views about Mr. Cook's methods, and we take particular offense to one of your statements.

In your September 18th article, you say Mr. Cook, "is dedicated to the idea that the way to amass wealth is to take it, not create it." Nothing could be further from the truth.

Wade Cook has built his reputation as well as his successful business by sharing his years of experience and knowledge with those around him. He would not be where he is today if it weren't for his commitment to give back to the public and help build communities.

Mr. Cook's books are popular because they are written for everyone, whether an investment novice or Wall Street veteran. His seminars help promote the American ideal - that wealth is not reserved for a select few. Mr. Cook feels everyone can obtain financial freedom through education, determination and hard work.

Mr. Cook's company is proof of his dedication to sharing and building communities. What started a few years ago as a handful of workers, is now a company employing over 400. In everything he does, Mr. Cook looks to share with those around him and give back to those that have helped to make him successful.

We felt it is important for you and your readers to hear a different opinion about Wade Cook. Mr. Cook knows how to create wealth and he shows others how they can too. Mr. Cook teaches and inspires people to achieve success. Mr. Cook creates jobs and gives back to his community.

Sincerely yours,

Lisa Michaels
Director of Investor Relations
(206) 901-3000

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