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Motley Horror Ticker Show
Halloween, 1997

This Feature

Scary Story: Sometimes I scare Myself
Scary Story:Ida the Stockbroker
Scary Story:The Maven
Scary Story:Readers Tell All
Trick:Greate Bay Casino Corp.
Trick:Quigley Corp.
Trick:Profit Financial Corp.
Trick: Koo Koo Roo
Treat: National Realty
Treat: Creative Technology
Treat:Hershey Foods
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Readers Tell All

Nowhere can you get a better stock horror story than in the "My Dumbest Investment" message folder. Our readers are good sports and don't mind sharing their worst experiences in the market with us on a regular basis. Check out some of the spooky details:

AGray77303 tells us -- I bought Telugard at $1.50. Jay said they were about to sign a big contract with Saudi government "anyday now," and the announcement would just drive the price of the stock through the roof. So I waited... [Full Story]

Edgedirect shares his mistakes in ATCT -- ATCT has been my dumbest investment over the past 5 years... primarily because it's the first stock I have purchased where I didn't have a real good "feel" for the company...[Full Story]

GordonH729's dumbest? Microsoft! -- I bought 830 shares of Microsoft the first week they went public but...[Full Story]

STyson6769 was crunched by Cabot -- I subscribed to the Cabot Market News Letter and the very first Pick Of The Month was a company by the name of Centennial Technologies which looked like an unbelievably good investment...[Full Story]

Gcbagent learns about options, the hard way -- Back in late 94, I got the bright idea of buying call options on Dell when it was trading at about 45. Earnings were about to be released and I thought that it was money in the bank!!!...[Full Story]

From our web boards, PseudoTonal gets hammered on margin -- I bought IOMG (before it became IOM) with all my life savings and fully margined...[Full Story]

Ripley shares his Biotech fiasco -- It was my own greed, ignorance, and stupidity that made this my dumbest investment ever...[Full Story]

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