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A Lighter Dow
October 24, 1997

We interrupt our regularly scheduled broadcast for this Motley Fool Special Report.

This is Heather Wilhelm with the latest on today's market activity. The Dow Jones Industrial Average ended Friday down 132 points, following Thursday's 187 point loss. Let's check in with our favorite roving reporter F. Dale Wettlaufer in the Fool Newsroom to see what he thinks about this more than 300 point loss.

Dale, can you tell us what's going on today? Dale? Dale! Um... okay, we must be having some technical difficulties. We'll check in with Dale later.

Actually, Fools, there are no technical difficulties here and this really isn't a Special Report. Sure the market has had a bad couple of days as a result of Wednesday's collapse of Hong Kong's Hang Seng index. But a few bad market days doesn't change our Foolish strategy of holding quality stocks for the long term. Hopefully you understand the risks and rewards of holding any given stock and can decide for yourselves when the market is pricing a stock too low or too high.

If you don't really know too much about stock valuations, then perhaps a nice place to hang out for a while would be in the Fool's School, where we talk a lot about learning how to value stocks. Also, in the listbox to the right are some other interesting articles that put big market moves into Foolish perspective. Chances are, the next time we have a huge day, or a horrible day, we'll drag this little note out. We probably sound like a boring old record, but at least we're consistent.


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