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Greenspan's 06/10/98

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G-Man & The Fed
June 10, 1998

Most investors probably have heard of Alan Greenspan and the Federal Reserve, but many may be mystified by what the two have to do with one another. Who is this guy that has Wall Streeters on the edge of their seats? His words such as "irrational exuberance" send the markets reeling. If he said the economy was "Dyn-o-mite" or that investors should "Keep on Truckin," would Wall Street react the same? Probably. What allows one single individual to have this degree of power and why does the market react to his every word?

The Fool has developed this collection to shed some light on the man and his mission. We first explain what the Federal Reserve Board is and how it came to be. Then we introduce Alan Greenspan, the current chairman of the Federal Reserve Board. Our final article discusses what Alan Greenspan has done during his tenure at the Fed. There's also an extremely useful link to the Federal Reserve Board's website. We've also included a link to the Ayn Rand Institute. For more information on who she is and her relationship with Alan Greenspan, see the "Who is Alan Greenspan?" article.

Finally, our goal here at the Motley Fool is to educate, inform, and amuse our readers. If there's a specific topic that you'd like us to clarify for you, please let us know. We may consider it for a future collection topic. Send your suggestions to TMF NoClue.


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