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Thanks + Giving
November 26, 1997

by TMF NoClue

It seems every Fool is giving thanks on this Thanksgiving eve for one reason or another. Since I hate being left out of anything, I decided to write down a few thankful things of my own.

I'm thankful I have TMF Czar correcting my typos -- "It's oat bran, not oat brain."

I'm thankful I have pod-mates that allow me to decorate the pod for Christmas. Lights go up on Monday guys. [Editor's note: They'll come down on Monday night unless Randy becomes paralyzed.]

I'm thankful I have a roof over my head, people that love me, and a fun group of Fools to work with.

OK, enough already. We Fools are celebrating two things for Thanksgiving -- Thanks & Giving. The thanks part includes the green starred articles in the listbox to the right. These are articles of thanks written by Fools. Be sure to check out TMF Selena's annual article -- it's a must read. The Giving part is our Fool Charity Fund that benefits Share Our Strength. If you haven't heard about our charity drive, please read these articles and learn more about this worthwhile organization. Our goal is to build three community kitchens around the country and we invite every Fool in our community to help us meet this goal. Our last article "Great Turkey Sites" is a good reference area for all you turkey bakers out there. If you're baking a turkey tomorrow, you might want to check this area out.

I hope every Fool has a great Thanksgiving and many things to be thankful. Gobble Gobble!

Next Article: Dale Wettlaufer Gives Thanks


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