Internet Interviews

Where can you hear top brass dish about their respective companies? Unless you have a key to the executive wash room, the Motley Fool's StockTalk interview is probably your best bet. Once a week, Fools Yi-Hsin Chang and Brian Graney powwow with the movers and shakers of major corporations everywhere. CEOs, VPs, and Presidents are regular StockTalk guests.

Since starting these interviews in May of this year, Team Fool has quizzed several executives from Internet-related companies. From well-known industry leaders like AOL to behind-the-scenes software developers like Inktomi, Brian and Yi-Hsin have covered all the Internet bases. We've compiled all of our Internet-related StockTalk interviews in this special. After you've checked these out, visit our StockTalk archives and see who else we've been talking to.

On to Our First Interview -- David Peterschmidt, CEO of Inktomi.