April 22, 2998

Iomega CEO Contest Winners

Philip Davis!

On April 7th, we asked Fools everywhere what they'd do if they were chosen as the new CEO of Iomega. After we sifted through hundreds of responses, Philip Davis from our Web board was crowned the new head-honcho. At least as far as the Fool is concerned. The nice folks over at Web Street Securities will be giving Philip a $2000 brokerage account.

Our two other winners, also from the Web, Lane Hall-Witt and Dave Frye will each receive some great FoolMart gift packages. To the right, we've listed the three winning posts along with five others that we enjoyed. A special honorable mention goes to MarkRogo from our AOL board. Mark wrote an excellent post, but unfortunately missed our deadline by three minutes. "Rules are rules," said the Fool's attorney. So the post was disqualified from our contest. However, we've got consolation prizes for Mark and our other four posters.