Microsoft vs. DOJ
June 24, 1998

This has been a big week for the folks in Redmond, Wash. Not only does Microsoft's Windows 98 PC operating system finally go on sale (remember when it was called Windows 97?), but the software giant also won a major legal victory. Earlier this week a federal appeals court lifted an injunction from a lower court that had restricted sales of Microsoft's Windows 95 operating system that included its Internet Explorer browser. Although this finally settles an earlier case, the company still faces antitrust charges from the Justice Department. Microsoft has won the battle, but the war is far from over.

For this collection, we've asked four of our writers to share their conflicting opinions on Microsoft and the antitrust issue. After reading these thoughts, you'll surely have some of your own that you'll want to share. We've got the perfect place for you to discuss them: the Microsoft message board

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