November 24, 1998

Happy Thanksgiving!
Giving Thanks and Just Plain Giving

Happy Thanksgiving Fools! In celebration of the holiday, we have a three-course special for you.

Course 1: Turkeys
It's not Thanksgiving without turkey, and boy have we've got some turkeys for you! Read about these investments gone bad submitted by Foolish readers.

Course 2: Thanks
Our next course is a generous portion of thanks. We asked Fool employees to tell us what they're most thankful for. Click in and see what they had to say.

Course 3: Giving
For dessert we've got a double-helping of giving. Readers contributed more than $128,000 to last year's Fool charity drive for Share Our Strength (SOS) and we're very happy to be sponsoring this charity drive once again. Please stop in and learn more about the organization and how you can contribute.

To the Turkeys!