November 24, 1998

Happy Thanksgiving!
Giving Thanks and Just Plain Giving

Course 2:
What We're Thankful For

MotleyFool (David Gardner)
Position: Co-Founder
I'm most thankful for my wife Margaret.

TMF 2Aruba (Tony Miller)
Position: Board Stroller/Chat Host
I'm thankful that I've still never had a kid come up to me in class and say, "Hey! You taught my mother!"

TMF Amused (Jennifer Silber)
Position: Editor
I'm most thankful for friends. Some I happen to be related to, some I have the good fortune to work with, and some are random (and I do mean "random") folks I've picked up along the way -- but I am grateful for every single one.

TMF Bobala (Bob Bobala)
Position: Editing Fool
I'm thankful to Vlasic (NYSE: VL) for coming out with the Hamburger Stacker pickle. Now I have a lot less slicing to do when I serve those burgers on Thanksgiving Day.

TMF Bogey (David Forrest)
Position: Community Coordinator
I'm thankful that I can do what I love doing. I'm thankful for my beautiful wife and new daughter. But most of all, I'm thankful that Andy Cross dumped two into the water on the 18th hole at Kingsmill allowing me to win by one shot!

TMF Bruce (Bruce Hunter)
Position: Account Executive
I'm most thankful for great stocks like Dell, Cisco, Microsoft, Yahoo! and AOL and great brokerages like Datek, Fidelity, Ameritrade and E*TRADE (that love great sites like ours). And most of all, great Fools like you who make investing fun and successful for all.

TMF Ciao (Christina King)
Position: Fool Money Handler
I'm most thankful for computerized accounting software & my family (which includes all my friends.)

TMF Cisco (Sheila MacKeigan)
Position: Marketing/Advertising Fool
I'm thankful for my one and only man Dan, my dog Cisco (not named after the stock but the beach), and the team of Fools that I get to work with every day here at Fool HQ.

TMF Czar (Keith Pelczarski)
Position: Production Czar/Mad Scientist
As Thanksgiving approaches, I'm really glad I'm not a turkey. [Editor's note: we're going to cut Keith some slack and interpret this as a literal statement] Seriously, though, I'd have to say that I'm most thankful for having wonderful parents -- they've put up with a lot of crap from me and have been supportive and loving no matter how much of a bonehead I've been. A longer list of things for which I'm thankful would include: the sun, rain, family, friends, books, music, toys, computers, movies, Simon's Rock, the Tick, and, of course, the Fool.

TMF Dryad (Gabrielle Loperfido)
Position: Books Manager
I'm most thankful for my husband, my family, my friends.

TMF Dwight (Dwight Gibbs)
Position: Chief Techie Geek
I am thankful for Microsoft. Without MSFT, I and the other Foolish geeks might have no challenges in life. Speaking of which - I am grateful for the TechDome and feel quite proud and honored to work with the techies each day. Of course, I am also grateful for all Fools, inside and outside of HQ. Most of all, I am thankful for my wife (Amanda) and my family. Without their love and support, I wouldn't be half the man I am today.

TMF Edible (Rick Munarriz)
Position: Writer/Analyst
After a challenging summer, I am definitely most thankful for the gift of life. I have never felt this mortal, this susceptible, this grateful. All this along with the joy of watching my smile grow wider as I stare into the eyes of my baby boy.

TMF Flaim (Melissa Flaim)
Position: Assistant to David Gardner
I am very grateful and feel quite fortunate about many things in my life, but I am continually grateful for a handful of incredibly close friends with whom I share the events of my life, from great and earth shattering to small and mundane. To have loving and supportive people in your life, who make you laugh and offer a shoulder when you cry, is certainly something for which I am thankful.

TMF Guitar (Kevin Book)
Position: Coordinator, Web Development & Roving Fool
I am thankful for the good fortune to be living at a time when the world accepts and embraces change. I am thankful for the peace that overtakes me each morning as I watch the sun rise above the Potomac River. I am thankful for dogs.

TMF Gump (Warren Gump)
Position: Writer/Analyst
I'm most thankful that I've miraculously escaped the shackles of Wall Street in pursuit of a Foolish lifestyle.

TMF Judy (Judith Ames)
Position: Customer Service Coordinator
My super special Mom suffered a huge, massive stroke, one that one usually doesn't survive. Mom did survive, and with no speech and her right side still paralyzed, she still makes me laugh, touches my cheek and gives me hope. For that, I am thankful.

TMF Jules (Julie Lewis)
Position: Media Relations Sorceress
I'm most thankful for Chris Hill (Media Relations Wizard) AND everything else. My family, my boyfriend Mike, friends, job, where I get to live. I consider myself very lucky. There are a lot of times I'll be at work or walking around where I live and I can't believe how lucky I am to have all that I do. So to that, I give thanks.

TMF Karen (Karen Kosoy)
Position: Chat Hostess/Customer Service
I couldn't begin without stating that I'm really most thankful for the health and happiness to those most close to me. I'm especially thankful for my job with The Fool. Who'd ever imagine that one day I'd grow up to be a professional Fool? Not only is it a great intro at cocktail parties -- but it's proven to me that going to work each day doesn't have to be a chore. I just throw on that Fool cap (oh, and maybe a T-shirt, too) and log on!

TMF Mac (Mac Greer)
Position: Radio Show Producer
I'm thankful for Party of Five, family, U2, Les Miserables, A Prayer for Owen Meany (the book not the movie), infomercials, Homer Simpson, dogs that aren't poodles, the Houston Astros, pasta, Flintstones Chewables, lightweight cotton blouses, and a strong neck to support my large cranium.

TMF Nico (Nico Detourn)
Position: Message Board Fool
I'm thankful for people who can laugh at the most serious things without
losing their sense of seriousness.

TMF NoClue (Heather Wilhelm)
Position: Features Field Marshall
I'm thankful that I have family, friends, and coworkers who are whole-heartedly supporting my bid to make the 2002 Olympic ice-skating team. Watch out Michelle Kwan! Move over Dell Wilkinson (TMF Dell)! Here I come!

TMF Opie (Andy Cross)
Position: Tracker and Ad Manager
I'm most thankful that TMF Speke pulled me in from the clutches of the Wise in '96. Had he not, I might to this day be sitting at some trading desk on The Street, smoking a pack of Marlboro Reds, eating bad take-out, and worrying about whether the updraft in 10-year T-notes will crash my clients' CMB portfolios.

TMF Panic (Brian Graney)
Position: Writer
I'm most thankful that my salary is not tied to the number of games the Washington Redskins win in one season.

TMF Parlay (Paul Larson)
Position: Writer/Analyst
Color me a pale shade of yellow for being so corny, but I'm thankful for good health, an awesome family, and a job I love.

TMF Puck (Yi-Hsin Chang)
Position: Scribe
I'm thankful for the printing press and the Internet, and Alan Greenspan.

TMF Ralegh (Dale Wettlaufer)
Position: Borefolio Fool/Fooltility infielder
I'm thankful for the Wise, for without them, there would be no Fools.

TMF Ramses (Joe Zitz)
Position: Prone
I'm thankful that I'm a 6'5'' roguishly attractive, wit-soaked rake. That, and the fact that my last name seems so... I don't know... regal.

TMF RFK (Chris Rugaber)
Position: Writer
I'm most thankful for my xselent ritin skils an my abilidee to kamunikate.

TMF Runkle (George Runkle)
Position: Chat Host/Board Stroller
I'm thankful that my son Jay's operation went well last spring. After that, there's nothing else that seems important.

TMF School (Dayana Yochim)
Position: Fool's School Principal
I'm thankful I have a name that telemarketers butcher, and that Dianna Yo-Chim has such an active social life that she's out practically every night of the week around dinner time.

TMF Selena (Selena Maranjian)
Position: Writer
I'm most thankful for Lucky Charms. They get me going in the morning. They're never boring -- there's always a new marshmallow being introduced. They're good for breakfast. Good for lunch, dinner, or a snack, too. Plus, now and then you'll find a trinket or treat in the box. Thanks, General Mills!

TMF Seymor (Louis Corrigan)
Position: Staff Writer
I'm most thankful for my green corduroy shirt. It's comfortable, dependable, and attractive. Plus, like most of the best things in life, it wears well. All it lacks is a notable sense of humor.

TMF Ski (Tom Conner)
Position: Foolish Techie Web Developer
I think I'm most thankful for my home life -- my wife, two great kids, and our house.

TMF Speke (Speke Wilson)
Position: Director Ad Sales
It's boring but true. I'm thankful for my beautiful wife, two adorable children, the health of myself and my family, a challenging job, wonderful co-workers, and parents and in-laws who live minutes away.

TMF Taxes (Roy Lewis)
Position: Remote Tax Geek
I'm thankful for Congress... for passing three major tax law changes in the last three years -- the most complicated law changes in the history of the IRS. Collectively, the tax changes have come to be know as "The Accountant's Right To Work Act." I won't have to worry about finding a REAL job for quite some time.

TMF Twitty (Richard Dressner)
Position: Community Producer
I'm most thankful for the gift of achievability. It's that wonderland where we can succeed or fail based only on our talents and efforts. Those who have languished in cookie-cutter jobs know how precious this is.

TMF Venus (Barbara Eisner Bayer)
Position: Customer Svc. Gatekeeper
I'm most thankful for men... without them, who'd take out the garbage?

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