December 9, 1998

Eyes on the Wise

A Fund Czar, an Analyst, and a Broker

The following articles originally ran as a Cash-King portfolio series during the week of November 30th.

If you've relied on names like Kurlak or Gabelli to guide your retirement plan, or if you don't know how well your investments have done over the past five years, or if you're not entirely sure how your financial professional is compensated (the first bit of disclosure they should offer you), or if you're just fed up with feeling like individual investors don't get a fair shake on Wall Street (cf. exclusion from conference calls, hidden 12b-1 fees, the massive bailout of a previously-unknown hedge fund while the original managers still take fees today, et al.), you'll want to read each of these four articles. They'll help explain why we Fools need to keep our eyes on the Wise.

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