December 17 - 23, 1998

'98 Year In Review

It's been quite a year on Wall Street and one we'll not soon forget. The Bull market stumbled. Internet stocks were all over the charts. The Federal Reserve cut interest rates. And two guys named Bill took the stand -- one to protect his company, the other to save his presidency. While numerous events helped to shape the financial year that was, a few stand out as stories we Fools can learn from. And those are the stories that you'll find in this review. Here's the line-up for this four-part series:

Part 1: The Winners -- Four of the Biggest Success Stories of 1998 (Apple, Best Buy, Roberts Pharmaceutical and American Eagle)

Part 2: The Internet -- A Look at IPOs, Online Retailers, and Industry Consolidation

Part 3: The Losers -- Four of the Biggest Dippers of 1998 (Cendant, Sub-Prime Lenders, Paired-Share REITs, Oil and Gas Companies)

Part 4: The Timeline -- A Quarter-by-Quarter Look at Some of the Most Noteworthy Events of the Year (1st Quarter, 2nd Quarter, 3rd Quarter, 4th Quarter)

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