Christmas at the Fool

Fool HQ is all decked out for the holidays. There's a never-ending supply of homemade cookies and cakes, a festive tree complete with decorations, and cards and gifts throughout the office. As a matter of fact, there are four neatly wrapped packages for you. Well, they used to be neatly wrapped. I just couldn't wait until Christmas so I opened them for you. Here's what I found inside:

Package #1 -- It's a Wonderful Life Fool-Style
David Wolpe (TMF Dbunk) explains how the holiday classic is like the Fool. The similarities are downright spooky.

Package #2 -- John Tesh Gets Foolish
Recent Fool Radio Show guest John Tesh recited a Foolish version of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas on air. We've got the poem and an audio file from the show.

Package #3 -- The Year in Review
We'll soon be leaving the year 1998 behind. Take a look back at the year that was in our 1998 Year in Review.

Package #4 -- The Fool Charity Fund
The Fool has once again partnered with Share Our Strength in a charity drive to fight hunger. Learn how you can contribute to this worthy cause.

We hope you enjoy your gifts. Merry Christmas, Fool!

Package #1 -- "It's a Wonderful Life" Fool-Style