The Fool FAQ


The Fool FAQ

Due to the popularity of FoolWatch, we are unable to answer individual requests. Instead, we've developed a short list of frequently asked questions followed by the places to get the quickest answer. As they say in Wisconsin, thanks for stoppin.'

FoolWatch FAQs

  1. Delivery, subscribing, or unsubscribing problems?
    Send an e-mail to

  2. Company specific information needed?
    The place to start:

  3. Lose your Message Board password?
    Here's the place to go:

  4. Change of Message Board e-mail address, password, or user name?
    Go to this page:

  5. Change of e-mail address for FoolWatch?
    Go to this page:

FoolWatch FYI

  1. Visit the Fool's online info/help area at:

  2. Check out the Fool's list of e-mail addresses at: