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Corporation for Enterprise Development $23,865 Donate
Junior Achievement $8,645 Donate
Mercy Corps' Silent Disasters Program $17,740 Donate
Operation HOPE $8,760 Donate
Share Our Strength's Operation Frontline $15,470 Donate
Bonus to winner, CFED $10,000  
TOTAL $84,480  
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Donate to Junior Achievement

Fools everywhere know that people who are unable to make sound personal financial decisions may become a burden to the communities in which they live. Either directly or indirectly, all Fools pay to support individuals who are unable to support themselves.

For almost 90 years, Junior Achievement has helped prepare young people for the real world by showing them how to generate income and effectively manage it. Savvy Fools know that basic money management skills are crucial building blocks to economic self-sufficiency. Yet research shows that many students are unable to effectively manage their finances when they graduate from high school.

If you believe in the boundless potential of young people, as Junior Achievement does, then please consider donating to JA through Foolanthropy 2007. JA offers programs in financial literacy that help bridge the gap between school learning and young peoples' future success.

JA inspires and prepares young people to succeed in a global economy

JA partners with businesses and educators to bring the real world to schools. Through volunteer delivery of financial literacy programs, JA helps prepare the world's future employees for the workplace and successfully manage the income they generate. In 2006, JA programs reached more than 8.3 million students, engaged more than 287,000 volunteers, and were taught in nearly 340,000 classrooms in 119 countries.

Specifically, JA achieves its goals by:

  • Finding and training business and community volunteers to teach JA programs.
  • Connecting volunteers with teachers who invite JA into their classrooms.
  • Creating volunteer guides and standards-based student curriculum, including hands-on materials that make learning fun.

JA works!

JA is one of just a few global nonprofits to use independent, third-party evaluators to gauge the impact of its programs. Since 1993, independent evaluators have conducted studies on JA's effectiveness. Findings prove that JA is helping students realize the importance of financial literacy.

For example, in Watts, an inner-city community in South Central Los Angeles, one JA volunteer realized that her eighth-grade students saw little opportunity for their futures. JA Economics for Success teaches students how different jobs support their communities, and helps students identify their career interests and formulate a plan for achieving them. After completing the program, students wrote about their future success and how, with their help, Watts could become a prosperous community. One student wrote, "People consider dreams a goal. To me, dreams are everything. I want to become a registered nurse, psychologist, or work in the business world."

In the African country of Ghana, a former JA student wanted to create a better life for himself and help improve the lives of people in his community. He said JA gave him the courage to attend college and pursue his dream of starting his own investment firm. Eventually, he co-founded a mutual fund company in the capital city of Accra and provided investment services to more than a thousand clients. "I can look back and affirm that my JA experience has been value adding and life enriching," he said. "In a region where everything is about poverty and squalor, experiences such as those afforded by JA give you the boldness and the dare-to-do spirit to rise above the hopelessness and build a connection to your country."

These are just two examples of the impact JA has had in its efforts to increase financial literacy. A donation to Junior Achievement today is an investment that will have lasting returns far into the future and will help communities throughout the world develop economic success.

Donate to Junior Achievement