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Donate to Share Our Strength's Operation Frontline

Share Our Strength is a national organization working to make sure no kid in America grows up hungry. We create pioneering programs like Share Our Strength's Operation Frontline that engages financial, culinary, and nutrition professionals in teaching low-income families how to use their limited financial resources wisely. Our financial literacy courses help families at risk of hunger learn to set goals, plan ahead, and manage their money. Our chef-led cooking courses teach families to get the most nutrition out of their limited budgets by making meals at home and being strategic shoppers. This knowledge can mean the difference between feeding families just for one night, and making sure they never again have to worry about where their next meal will come from.

Ana and her family learned from her Operation Frontline course how to plan healthy meals within her tight food budget, and became a smart comparison shopper.

87% of Operation Frontline students graduate, taking with them improved money management, shopping, and cooking skills that will last a lifetime.

"It's about learning how to stretch that dollar...and to get the most nutrition you can out of it." --Operation Frontline Volunteer Dietitian-Instructor, Denver

Families get a deeper understanding of money management from Saving Smart, Spending Smart, a multi-session course where finance professionals teach basic household budgeting, banking, credit, and how to shop wisely on limited budgets. To date, they have led nearly 250 Saving Smart, Spending Smart classes, improving the financial literacy of more than 2,400 low-income families.

74% of Saving Smart, Spending Smart graduates say they cut back on spending, 72% say they now make a household budget, and more than half say they started saving for emergencies after taking the course.

Operation Frontline's Kids Up Front class teaches pre-teens how to plan meals within set food budgets, leading the way to lasting financial literacy.

Since 1993, Operation Frontline and its hundreds of volunteer instructors have conducted more that 3,600 nutrition and financial-planning courses, helping more than 45,000 low-income families in communities across the country learn how to eat better for less. In this way, Operation Frontline makes a significant contribution to a family's economic security and accomplishing Share Our Strength's domestic priority -- making sure that no kid in America grows up hungry.

I've learned about how to save money and to set goals and how to take care of my credit. Thank you!" --Jody R., Saving Smart, Spending Smart Graduate, Lakewood, CO

Donate to Share Our Strength's Operation Frontline