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News for Friday, December 12, 1997

Have you given? The Fool Charity Fund

  • Dr. Seuss comments on rough week, in the Boring recap.

  • Asia malaise, nd the boring investor named Buffett. In tonight's Fool Port Report.

  • Today's Daily Dow report, Getting There From Here.

  • Robert Sheard updates the rankings for the 1998 screens in tonight's Foolish Workshop.

  • Electronics Manufacturers Short Circuit: The industry was smashed today after yesterday's freefall of Kent Electronics. In tonight's Evening News.

  • Options for Ernie: Flowers raises its stake in Keebler and the elves get some options. In the Lunchtime News.

  • A new title and prominent friends made American Champion a contender.

  • A stitch in time hasn't helped Singer out. They're in trouble.

  • On giving, the Josiah Carberry Fribble.

News for Thursday, December 11, 1997

Have you given? The Fool Charity Fund

  • What exactly is Lucent and why is the Fool Portfolio holding it? Tom Gardner answers these questions in tonight's report.
  • Asian Contagion Claims Another. Economic turmoil in Southeast Asia cost Kulicke & Soffa 27%. Read the whole story in tonight's Evening News.
  • In today's Daily Dow, Comforting Stability.
  • Boring finally gives Oracle the boot. Get the details in tonight's recap.
  • A tasty food review by our own Foolish baker, Randy Befumo, in today's Drip Portfolio recap.
  • Quantum Erased: The drive-maker was hit for 20% this morning after Q3 earnings estimates were halved. In the Lunchtime News.
  • In today's Fribble, a Foolish History
  • Transcrypt International secures itself a Double.
  • Koo Koo Roo tosses investors a rubber chicken.

News for Wednesday, December 10, 1997

  • Greg Markus is still holding on to Oracle and Tidewater continues to recede. Find out all of today's Boring news in tonight's recap.
  • Dump Trump? We're stumped! Help us out with The Donald in tonight's Fool Portfolio recap.
  • Robert Sheard introduces the key to the Dow Dividend Approach in tonight's Daily Dow report.
  • Index Dentistry. Penny stocks and root canals -- will the Nasdaq extract the OTC Bulletin Board? Get the details in the Evening News.
  • Randy Befumo analyzes the tasty-sounding International Bakeries in tonight's Drip recap.
  • Having a hard time with your holiday shopping? Check out our Foolish Gift Guide for some holiday help.
  • Estee Lauder's Run. Dale Wettlaufer says the beauty products giant still looks good. Read the Lunchtime News for all the details.
  • This past year has been decorated with profits for Concepts Direct.
  • Caught in a net of intrigue, IMNET collapsed.
  • Does the money really matter? Find out in today's Fribble.

News for Tuesday, December 09, 1997

Have you given? The Fool Charity Fund

  • The Boring Port takes a hit...named Oracle.
  • The Fool Port gets the sniffles. Join TMF Parlay as he recaps the day.
  • The Drip portfolio moves on to dessert as Randy Befumo analyzes Hershey.
  • It's getting to be that time again. You know, the rotation of your Dow Dividend stocks. Robert Sheard explains the process and discusses the one year vs. 18 month timeframe.
  • In tonight's Evening News, Jim Surowiecki explains why Coca-Cola was knocked down a few notches yesterday.
  • Oracle reports flat earnings -- is it the apocalypse? Mego doing a me-too in mortgage write-downs and Computer Learning heads north. Hear it with FoolAudio.
  • In the Lunchtime News, Oracle crashes down as investors digest yesterday's earnings report.
  • The Grinch has stolen Christmas from unfortunate DSI shareholders.
  • General Employment is a profitable business in a hot market.
  • In today's Fribble, our own Chris Rugaber says hire the best money manager there is -- You!

News for Monday, December 08, 1997

  • Oracle speaks of a Q2 shortfall and Greg Markus explains in tonight's Boring recap.
  • David Gardner chats about college hoops, polls and investing in tonight's Fool Port recap.
  • Anticipation -- an overview of H.J. Heinz, in tonight's Drip Portfolio Recap.
  • Intel Buys CMG Stake: So does that make CMG a good investment? Randy Befumo explains why that's not necessarily true, in tonight's Evening News.
  • In today's Foolish Four update, the Dow Approach is compared to an instamatic camera. It's not a bad snapshot, but definitely not studio-quality.
  • All in the Jeans: Levi's takes the high road. Guess takes the low road. And they both end up losing market share.
  • Input/Output Impresses: The stock erupts on an outstanding Q2 earnings report. In the Lunchtime News.
  • Crown Books has been dethroned as king of the booksellers.
  • Is the sky the limit for Horizon Pharmacies?
  • Lights, Decorations, Invest! What do Christmas decorations have to do with investing? Read today's Fribble to find out.