Wednesday, December 30, 1998

A Call To Fools

by MoFoRyzn

It's that time of year again... egg nog, reindeer, menorahs, charity fundraisers, and, of course, year-end Internet polls! I happened upon a site that proclaims to be the official "Cool Site of the Internet." Whether this is self-proclaimed or not, I do not know. The important part is that the Motley Fool has been nominated for Cool Site of the Year in the "Money" category. I can't say I was too surprised. I've been a Fool for only six months and completely love the information, humor, and especially the Fool Community.

Considering the Fool has shamelessly promoted its own website in its books and on the site, it would be nothing less than criminal for the Fool NOT to win this award! We know it's the Coolest site out there, in the money/finance category or otherwise. Now, it's time for the world to know about us. (Actually, the world will probably find out by the many books and TV coverage instead of by an Internet poll, but work with me here.)

So, I beseech you Fools! Stand up for what is right! Have your virtual voice heard! Go vote for the Fool! What would it say to Wall Street if we lost out to the likes of Financenter, CBS MarketWatch, CNNfn, and the Wall Street Journal in our own virtual world, where the thousands (millions yet?) of the Foolish eschew Wisdom and congregate to learn and share about the world of stocks?!

Do it for the kids, do it for the Fools, but most of all...

Do it for You.

Thank you for your support,

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