Thursday, March 4, 1999

$264.24 An Hour,

by DawnC

Just today, I realized my time is worth $264.24 an hour, earned 10 minutes at a time. What did I do for that 10 minutes? I used that time to cut $44.04 off of my grocery bill -- five minutes clipping the coupons in the Sunday paper and five minutes visiting ValuPage. (ValuPage gives you Web Bucks when you buy everyday products. You can use the Web Bucks for anything in your store.)

How much did I have to spend to save that much, you ask? My total bill (before any discounts or coupons) was $152.81. With coupons I got a nearly 29% savings. Did I buy anything special to save that much? Not really, just the normal stuff that I would buy anyway. Oh, you must have bought the cheapo stuff you say? No, my list included Huggies Diapers, NoNonsense panty hose, Mug Root Beer, cleaning supplies, personal items (like toothpaste), meat, and fresh fruit. My family won't eat generic stuff unless I hide it deep within a casserole.

So how did I do it? Well, the store paid me $.20 to take the panty hose off their hands. It was normally $2.49, on sale for $1.50. The package had a $0.70 coupon on it, and I got a $1.00 Web Buck back. The 12-pack of Mug Root Beer cost me $0.99 after the sales price and coupon. The Huggies diapers? With the sale price and the coupon, I picked up the jumbo pack (twice as many diapers) for less than the regular pack cost. I also get to check out how well Fabreeze works for free because I got a coupon in the mail.

That's $264.24 an hour earned 10 minutes at a time, completely tax-free. I have a great job!

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