Friday, October 8, 1999

Everything I Know About Investing I Learned From Star Trek

By Raggmopp

The Star Trek phenomenon is well-documented in our culture. What started out as a shaky science fiction show has, over time, evolved into the societal icon it is today. But it seems to me that people are missing some of the little observed truths of the series in its original iteration and that it is a source of sound advice concerning investments in the stock market. There are some valuable market insights to be gained from Star Trek that go largely unrecorded. So herewith are some that should probably be part of every investor's lexicon:

  1. "Live long and prosper." Well, that's a given.
  2. "Damn it, Jim, I'm not a broker." Don't let others make investment decisions for you.
  3. "That would be illogical, Captain." Always investigate a stock thoroughly.
  4. "I canna give ye any more power, Cap'n." Don't trade using margin.
  5. "Go to Red Alert." Know when to sell.
  6. "Incoming message from Starfleet, Sir." Don't make decisions based on rumor.
  7. "Fire photon torpedoes, maximum dispersion pattern." Don't let outside events get in the way of your overall investment objectives.
  8. "Open a hailing frequency." Be aware of news pertaining to your company but don't obsess over it.
  9. "If I put anymore stress on the crystals, the engines will come apart completely." Sometimes an index fund is the best idea.
  10. "Fascinating." Over the long term, buying and holding good companies has yielded superior returns over trying to time the market.

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