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Investment Clubs

The Motley Fool has been called "the world's largest investment club," since our members come to our message boards each day to share information, answer each other's questions, and trade a joke or two.

Now you can bring your own real offline investment club online, through the Motley Fool!

Most investment clubs only meet once a month, and try to achieve a lot during that 2-hour meeting -- updates of news and research on existing stocks, considerations of new ones, discussion and eventual decision-making about the club portfolio. Plus, a little socializing. That's a lot for one meeting! To make matters more challenging, when some compelling news event hits one of your club's stocks three days after the meeting, you're not all in the same room to discuss what's happened. In the past, you would have exchanged an e-mail or two with a friend in the club, or made some phone calls, or just waited it out for 28 days... but now you have a great new option: Bring your investment club online at the Motley Fool.

Use the form below to sign your club up with the Motley Fool, and we will open a discussion board with your club's name on it, providing you with your very own dedicated discussion area where all online club members can keep the conversation going during the other 30 days of the month. (Keep in mind that all posts are viewable by the public, so you may get some comments (perhaps even helpful ones!) from Fools outside your club membership.)

You can use the board to share information on existing stocks, begin doing research on new stocks ahead of your next meeting, set agendas, provide portfolio updates, etc. In fact, if you can get all of your club members online you'll be able to dispense with much of your paperwork, saving on mailing expense and the delay of the U.S. post.

Signing your club up is FREE.) Just fill out the form below and we'll have you up and running within a couple of days. Or email us at to ask any follow-up questions; we'll get you a response within 24 hours.

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