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Fools Hosting Bob Brinker Show
Saturday and Sunday, 4-7 PM Eastern

Look, it's The Fools -- on the radio.

This weekend, Tom and David Gardner will host The MoneyTalk radio show, filling-in for Bob Brinker, who is on vacation. MoneyTalk is aired nationally on over 200 stations -- so the Fools darn well better prepare some material. They'd like your help. . .read on.

From 4-7 PM on Saturday and Sunday (two separate shows), the brothers will be kicking around personal finance and investment ideas designed to enlighten and amuse -- and hopefully generate some moola for you. The show is framed primarily as a call-in program, so we're counting on you to call into Manhattan and trouble The Fool with your financial concerns. Idle praise is welcome. Flames will be summarily dismissed (the power of the big red button on the soundboard!). And, of course, jokes about underperforming managed mutual-funds, about brokerage compensation, as well as chatter about your favorite stock, your dumbest investment, and your strategies for buying a car without getting rooked are doubly welcome.

We hope you'll tune in this weekend, both Saturday and Sunday. If you do have any ideas for Tom and Dave, e-mail them directly to Fools Want Your Radio Ideas (Click here to mail).

MoneyTalk Radio Show
The MoneyTalk program can now be listened to every Saturday and Sunday from 4pm to 6pm eastern time on 770 AM - WABC New York City. KABC Radio in Los Angeles, 790 on the AM dial, announced that Bob Brinker's Moneytalk will be heard every Saturday and Sunday effective immediately. The show is heard around the nation at the following stations.

Scroll down for the radio stations in your area:

Moneytalk Station Listing

 Anchorage          KENI     550 AM
 Fairbanks          KFAR     660 AM

 Anniston           WDNG    1450 AM
 Birmingham         WERC     960 AM
 Guntersville       WGSV    1270 AM
 Mobile             WABB    1480 AM
 Tuscumbia          WVNA    1590 AM

 Phoenix            KFNN    1510 AM
 Tucson             KNST     790 AM

 Hot Springs        KZNG    1340 AM

 Auburn             KAHI     950 AM
 Bakersfield        KERN    1410 AM
 Chico              KPAY    1290 AM
 Eureka             KGOE    1480 AM
 Fort Bragg         KDAC    1230 AM
 Grass Valley       KNCO     830 AM
 Los Angeles        KABC     790 AM
 Merced             KYOS    1480 AM
 Palm Springs       KPSI    1450 AM
 Ridgecrest         KLOA    1240 AM
 Sacramento         KFBK    1530 AM
 San Diego          KSDO    1130 AM
 San Francisco      KGO      810 AM
 San Jose           KGO      810 AM
 San Luis Obispo    KGLW    1340 AM
 Santa Barbara      KTMS    1250 AM
 Santa Maria        KUHL    1440 AM
 South Lake Tahoe   KOWL    1490 AM
 Ventura-Oxnard     KVEN    1450 AM

 Colorado Springs   KVOR    1300 AM
 Greeley            KFKA    1310 AM

 Danbury            WINE     940 AM
 Groton             WSUB     980 AM
 Norwalk            WNLK    1350 AM
 Stamford           WSTC    1400 AM

District of Columbia
 Washington DC      WMAL     630 AM
 (10 PM - 1 AM delayed broadcast)

 Brooksville        WWJB    1450 AM
 Daytona Beach      WNDB    1150 AM
 Fort Myers         WINK    1240 AM
 Lakeland           WLKF    1430 AM
 Lake Placid        WWTK     730 AM
 Naples             WPRW    93.5 FM
 Naples             WNOG    1270 AM
 Pensacola          WCOA    1370 AM
 Punta Gorda        WCCF    1580 AM

 Savannah           WBMQ     630 AM

 Agana              KGUM     567 AM

 Boise              KIDO     630 AM
 Payette            KIOV    1450 AM
 Pocatello          KSEI     930 AM
 Twin Falls         KLIX    1310 AM

 Chicago            WLS      890 AM
 Decatur            WSOY    1340 AM
 Herrin             WJPF    1340 AM
 Jacksonville       WJIL    1550 AM
 Peoria             WTAZ   102.3 FM
 Quincy             WTAD     930 AM
 Rockford           WROK    1440 AM
 Springfield        WMAY     970 AM
 Waukegan           WKRS    1220 AM

 Bloomington        WGCL    1370 AM
 Evansville         WGBF    1280 AM
 Fort Wayne         WGL     1250 AM
 Richmond           WHON     930 AM

 Burlington         KCPS    1150 AM
 Cedar Rapids       WMT      600 AM
 Dubuque            KDTH    1370 AM
 Davenport          WOC     1420 AM
 Des Moines         WHO     1040 AM

 Topeka             KMAJ    1440 AM
 Wichita            KNSS    1240 AM

 Glasgow            WCLU    1490 AM
 Lexington          WLAP     630 AM

 Baton Rouge        WJBO    1150 AM
 Lafayette          KPEL    1420 AM
 Lafayette          KPEL   107.7 FM
 New Orleans        WWL      870 AM

 Howland            WVOM   103.9 FM
 Portland           WGAN     560 AM

 Hagerstown         WHAG    1410 AM
 Salisbury          WICO    1320 AM
 Westminster        WTTR    1470 AM

 Boston             WRKO     680 AM
 (11 PM.- 2 AM delayed broadcast)

 Framingham         WKOX    1200 AM
 Lowell             WCAP     980 AM
 Springfield        WNNZ     640 AM
 Webster            WGFP     940 AM
 West Yarmouth      WXTK    94.9 FM

 Escanaba           WCHT     600 AM
 Grand Rapids       WYGR    1530 AM
 Ionia              WION    1430 AM
 Kalamazoo          WKMI    1360 AM
 Lansing            WJIM    1240 AM
 Traverse City      WTCM     580 AM

 Duluth             WEBC     560 AM
 E. Grand Forks     KCNN    1590 AM
 Hutchinson         KDUZ    1260 AM
 St. Cloud          KNSI    1450 AM

 Jackson            WJNT    1180 AM
 Natchez            WNAT    1450 AM

 Cape Girardeau     KZIM     960 AM
 Columbia           KFRU    1400 AM
 Farmington         KREI     800 AM
 Jefferson City     KWOS    1240 AM
 Joplin             KQYX    1560 AM
 Kansas City        KCMO     710 AM
 Sikeston           KSIM    1400 AM
 Springfield        KWTO     560 AM
 St. Louis          WIBV    1260 AM
 West Plains        DWPM    1450 AM

 Billings           KHDN    1230 AM

 Omaha              KKAR    1290 AM

 Las Vegas          KVCB   105.1 FM
 Reno               KOWL    1490 AM

New Hampshire
 Dover              WTSN    1270 AM
 Keene              WKBK    1220 AM
 Laconia            WEMJ    1490 AM
 Littleton          WLTN    1400 AM
 Manchester         WGIR     610 AM
 Newport            WNTK    1020 AM

New Jersey
                    WABC     770 AM

New Mexico
 Albuquerque        KOB      770 AM
 Roswell            KCKN    1020 AM
 Santa Fe           KOB      770 AM

New York
 Albany              WGY     810 AM
 Buffalo            WBEN     930 AM
 Elmira             WENY    1230 AM
 Hornell            WHHO    1320 AM
 New York           WABC     770 AM
 Peekskill          WLNA    1420 AM
 Poughkeepsie       WKIP    1450 AM
 Rochester          WHAM    1180 AM
 Rockland County    WRKL     910 AM
 Utica              WIBX     950 AM
 Watertown          WTNY     790 AM

North Carolina
 Charlotte          WBT     1110 AM
 (overnight rebroadcasts)

 Greensboro         WKEW    1400 AM
 High Point         WMFR    1230 AM
 Southern Pines     WEEB     990 AM
 Washington         WDLX     930 AM

North Dakota
 Fargo              WDAY     970 AM

 Columbus           WFII    1230 AM
 Kent               WNIR   100.1 FM
 Lima               WIMA    1150 AM
 Mansfield          WMAN    1400 AM
 Steubenville       WSTV    1340 AM
 Youngstown         WKBN     570 AM
 Toledo             WSPD    1370 AM

 Alva               KALV    1430 AM
 Enid               KGWA     960 AM
 Oklahoma City      WKY      930 AM

 Bend               KBND    1110 AM
 Klamath Falls      KAGO    1150 AM
 Newport            KNPT    1310 AM
 North Bend         KBBR    1340 AM
 Portland           KXL      750 AM
 Salem              KYKN    1430 AM

 Altoona            WRTA    1240 AM
 Erie               WFLP    1330 AM
 Harrisburg         WHP      580 AM
 Hughesville        WRKK    1190 AM
 Johnstown          WNTJ    1490 AM
 Williamsport       WRAK    1400 AM

South Carolina
 Charleston         WTMA    1250 AM
 Myrtle Beach       WRNN    94.5 FM

South Dakota
 Sioux Falls        KSOO    1140 AM

 Chattanooga        WGOW    1150 AM
 Knoxville          WIVK     990 AM
 Knoxville          WNOX    99.1 FM
 Memphis            WREC     600 AM

 Dallas-Fort Worth   WBAP    820 AM
 Edinburg           KURV     710 AM
 El Paso            KTSM    1380 AM
 Houston            KPRC     950 AM
 Houston            KSEV     700 AM
 Texarkana          KTFS     940 AM
 Tyler              KTBB     600 AM

 Burlington         WKDR    1390 AM

 Lexington          WREL    1450 AM
 Norfolk            WNIS     790 AM
 Richmond           WLEE    1320 AM

 Bellingham         KGMI     790 AM
 Kennewick          KTCR    1340 AM
 Moses Lake         KBSN    1470 AM
 Pullman            KQQQ     650 AM
 Seattle            KIRO     710 AM
 Spokane            KXLY     920 AM
 Wenatchee          KPQ      560 AM

West Virginia
 Wheeling           WOMP    1290 AM

 Green Bay          WGEE    1360 AM
 LaCrosse           WIZM    1410 AM
 Madison            WTDY    1480 AM
 Milwaukee          WISN    1130 AM
 Oshkosh            WOSH    1490 AM
 Stevens Point      WSPT    1010 AM


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