February 9, 1999

Stocks Fools Love

So what are Fools passionate about? Their stocks of course! As we do every Valentine's Day, we asked Fools to write about the stocks that make their knees weak and their hearts race. Nine Fools stepped up to the plate and you'll find their love letters to the right.

If there's a special stock in your life, share the love. Post a message about your favorite stock on our Specials message board and you could win a dozen roses courtesy of 1-800-FLOWERS or a new Fool T-shirt.

Happy Valentine's Day, Fools!

First Stock: TMF Edible Loves MicroTouch Systems Inc.

A Stock to Love represents the opinion of one Fool and in no way should be taken as the opinion of either the Motley Fool, Inc., the company in question or representative of anyone or anything else other than that specific Fool's thoughts.