March 2, 1999

Internet Evolution

Imagine a world where you actually get paid to look at advertisements. Ok. Now imagine a world where you, the average consumer, can buy merchandise at cost. That's right! At cost. Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? But it's not. It's already starting to happen on the Internet, and it may very well be the future of the online world.

While investors and analysts struggle to value Internet companies, online businesses are exploring such new and seemingly revolutionary business models. Louis Corrigan has devoted three recent "Fool on the Hill" columns to this online phenomena, and we've collected them here. Louis explains why it's possible for a company to profit from selling a dollar for 90 cents, and takes a look at the possible futures of Onsale and Amazon.com. Also included is a recent Rule Maker article by Fool co-founder Tom Gardner on the unconventional business model of online auctioneer eBay. Whether you're an investor in Internet stocks or simply a user of the medium, you'll find some interesting insights into the future of the Internet in all of these articles.

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