A Guide to Shopping Online

(Nov. 30, 1999) -- If Bill Clinton says he'll do it, will you do it, too? The commander-in-chief said in Saturday's weekly radio address that he intends to do some of his holiday shopping online. The notorious last minute shopper says he'll be joining 4 million families who'll shop online for the very first time this holiday season.

Whether you're among those 4 million or a seasoned online shopper, you'll find great holiday shopping tips in the Fool's online shopping special feature:

An Introduction to Online Shopping: Why would a Fool want to shop online and what kind of groovy gifts can one buy there? Robyn Gearey introduces the world of online shopping.

Frequently Asked Questions: Is shopping online safe? Can items be returned? Find answers to these questions and more in this online shopping FAQ.

A Look at Business Raters: How do you know you're getting what you order and at a good price? Fool David Wolpe takes a look at the online business raters. Find out why it pays to rate before you buy.

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 A Guide to Shopping Online

  • Introduction
  • Online Shopping
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Shopping Online
  • A Closer Look at the Business Raters
  • Specials Message Board