Talk With Other Teens

Teens and Their Money

By Selena Maranjian

You're not the only teen who's been exposed to financial and investing topics. Drop by our Teens and Their Money discussion board to ask questions and share thoughts with fellow teens (and perhaps an occasional helpful adult).

Our boards are great places to ask your questions and get some answers -- and to get ideas from others. (Some people just like to "lurk," reading many posts but not participating much. You can do that, too, although we encourage you to jump in and join some conversations, as that's the best way to learn and have fun.) Here's our teen board -- jump in!

Don't feel you just have to talk about money, either. Almost any topic is fair game -- such as movies, music, sports, fashion, school, shopping, jobs, and colleges. Venture farther than our Teen board, and you'll discover that we have hundreds of discussion boards dedicated to lots of specific topics, such as hiking, cooking, photography, current events, computer games, television, golf, quitting nail biting, college, and more. (Here's a post that lists more than 250 interesting boards.)

Here are a few of our discussion boards (meant for anyone, not just teens) specifically dedicated to beginning investors. Feel free tojoin them or our teen board, as you prefer.

This article was adapted from The Motley Fool Investment Guide for Teens: 8 Steps to Having More Money Than Your Parents Ever Dreamed Of. For many more ideas and guidance on how to make and save money, check out the book. It also includes a lot of tips on how to land jobs and succeed at them.

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